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Straight out of Montreal, nu-metalcore quartet, Dead Velvet, have been hard at work perfecting their own signature sound, pulling in influences from nu-metal, metalcore, djent, and everything in between. Their bouncy riffs and groove-driven drums, combined with eerie soundscapes and gut-wrenching vocals make for a unique listening experience that will gnaw at your 90’s nostalgia. Word of their intense and emotional live performances and on-stage-stunts has given them a reputation for packing venues and giving their audiences a show they won't forget.

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with growth each year.

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What they've said about our shows...

The energy is unmatched...

"A fresh new band that blends a bouncy, contagious, genre-crossing sound with a heartfelt poetic retelling of personal experiences"

Insane crowds...

"Wild crowds giving them solid encouragement to keep going strong."

The perfect type of heavy...

"Aggressive, dark, and dirty..."

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Nothing we've heard before...

"Unique identity that stands out tremendously from what is currently heard in metal."

Our Band

Dianne Russell

Jesse James


Eleanor Pena

Donato Baldassarre


Theresa Webb

Corey "Skunk" Parkinson


Bessie Cooper

Eric "Stretch" Villeneuve


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